PMigloo - Practical project management workshop

PMigloo - Practical project management workshop

PMigloo - Practical project management workshop



Over the past years and among the various project management training, there were always the concerns of lack of workshops where people can learn project management simply and practically. In this regard, the Rastak company has designed PMigloo workshop.

PMigloo is a dynamic, practical and exciting method in project management training where the participants are divided into teams which in a challenging competition they must demonstrate superior performance within different constraints such as scope, time, cost, quality, risk, etc. according to the basic requirements proposed by the fictitious stakeholders.

The main project deliverable is a physical structure called igloo which is constructed from sheets of paper, will be planned, executed and controlled in real time and almost real dimensions by various teams in a competitive environment to reach customer satisfaction.

You will experience to:

  •    Do proper planning and attain proper results,
  •    Decompose a project in to more manageable and controllable pieces,
  •    Identify constraints and considering those in project planning (realistic planning),
  •    Make fast and effective decisions to ensure the project success,
  •    Work cohesively to achieve the project's main product,
  •    Manage risk and crisis,
  •    Identify, analyze and respond effectively to the risks of the project,
  •    Report the project progress to the sponsor and related stakeholders in a practical and effective way,
  •    Effectively and Continuously monitor and control a project
  •    Control Quality and be accountable to key stakeholders,
  •    Know project management processes (47 processes).


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